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My name is Brooke, I am married to shell my best friend my soul mate. We been together 10 years, married now for 7 years. I train in wado-ryu karate.

We live in Essex England.

Shell carried our first baby DKP I carried our second baby. We used the same donor for both our children.

Wife & Mama to a babygirl born 31/10/12
baby boy born 14/8/14

Due In August 2014

Its a boy!


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i once had a total stranger yell at me in a supermarket for letting my daughter have a binkie (dummy/pacifier), i think that’s the kind of thing OP was talking about. Of course abuse/neglect is not a matter of parenting choices or style, it’s illegal and dangerous.

Oh I had someone yell at me for my boy having a dummy to! Yeah I do think this is what the OP was on about, not neglect thats a whole different matter.

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Even if the child has diaper rash on his ass thats cracked open and bleeds? Even if the child is taken to walmart in 20 degree weather only in a sleeper?

I’m sorry but I disagree with this.

I am pretty sure the Op was about general opinions on how to raise your kids or question your parenting in general. Neglecting your child is a whole different matter and I dont think OP was about that. A lot of people who don’t have kids question my parenting style like when I would cuddle my daughter to sleep when she was a baby they would say oh she is going to be spoiled rotten you will regret it, why dont you just lay her down awake etc. If someone is neglecting their child yes people should say something and report it parents or not.


If you aren’t a parent, you have no Right to question someone’s parenting choices. Until you are in the position some parents are in, keep your mouth shut.


twomommieswantababy replied to your photo “Cant get enough of his cuteness.”

He need to do commercials he is so adorable

haha yeah he prob could but the wife wouldnt allow it. 

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He’s nearly 9 weeks old! Time has really flown by. He’s about 4400g. He’s been gaining amazing weight,

Awwww 9lbs 11oz =4400g. He is tiny! I think Lennon weighed that at 4 weeks haha. Your boy must of been small birth weight? Lennon was 8lbs 1oz,at birth/ 3685g. He was a big boy!! :)