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Im not a math brain so I can’t convert that to USD…

Uh about  $160 dollars

I have always said that don’t forget who you are when you become a mom. We aren’t just mothers, we are women, wifes/gfs, friends, daughters,sisters and it is easy to get lost and to forget, especially about our partners. Having a healthy marriage/ relationship is just as important dont forget that. When the children have grown and long gone, remember the person who will be there left standing by your side.
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I walk like the pregnant sim on sims3. shell pointed that out .


"Once everyone knows you’re pregnant you’ll be absolutely perplexed. Unbeknownst to you, all of your friends, relatives, acquaintances and colleagues will have gone behind your back and acquired their MD in maternal and fetal medicine. It’s impressive, considering they’ll have managed to become doctors seemingly overnight, and they’ll be all too excited to share their now-extensive knowledge of all-things reproductive. Oh joy."

The accuracy is just astonishing.

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Agreed! I’ll probably go purchase a 3d just because I’d like a follow up.

I looked into it but places around my areas what £95 pounds for a 2d scan!  :(

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It’s be cute if big sis’s said “little brother for sale” and little brother’s says “priceless”

That is cute!

My mom hinted that she is going to come out to visit us in March next year!! She is going to bring my 2 younger brothers and sister as well!! I am so happy, but ill beleive it when she books her flights because shit always seem to happen.  My babies will be 2 1/2 and 7 months old when she seems them for the first time “in person”.

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Same!!! Its our night time bonding ritual now

Awwww yep! Im going to miss it when im not pregnant :( But ill have more pregnancies :)

DKP is being more verbal now, its so cute. We now have to start teaching her the british words/phases so shes not confused. I am american so I still say alot of american words, pants instead of trousers, couch instead of sofa, shoes instead of trainers, Sweaters instead of jumpers etc. We dont want her to be confused when she goes to school. 

Public Service Announcement:


Complaining about pregnancy symptoms does not equate to being ungrateful for said pregnancy. 

student: hey government can I have some money to go to university
uk government: sure here you go. you'll have to pay it back but only when you're earning £21,000+ a year, and if you don't pay it off after 30 years we'll just write it off, don't worry about it man
scottish government: nah man just go to uni we ain't gonna charge you
us government: no. you gotta pay it yourself. upfront. your parents have to save up from the moment you're born. good luck, fucker. you have six months after graduating to start paying loans so you better pray to fucking god and jesus that you have a well-paying job by then or be prepared to be fucked up the ass without lube.

I want to create some cute big sister, little brother  tshirts / babygrows does anyone have and suggestions?   Feel free to send in ask or reply here.

Id love some ideas i just cant think of anything cute atm

I had to take my wedding rings off today. I feel so bare without them. :(   I now have my rings on a necklace.

I had to take my wedding rings off today. I feel so bare without them. :( I now have my rings on a necklace.

Oh i feel so old today, cant hardly walk and getting up and down is so painful. Ligament and growing/stretching pains are kicking my ass today. I still love being pregnant though!!! :)

My baby boy moving around and kicking me as I type this, is one of the joys of pregnancy!

I have gained 4lbs in 3 weeks. I am now 9.4stone. I am happy with this. My pregnacy weight gain from 15 weeks -24wks so far is 13lbs. 

I had lost 11lbs from 5-15weeks. I regained 13lbs 15-24wks!


9.4 stone