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My name is Brooke, I am married to shell my best friend my soul mate. We been together 10 years, married now for 7 years. I train in wado-ryu karate.

We live in Essex England.

Shell carried our first baby DKP I am currently pregnant and carrying our 2nd baby. Im due August 2014. We used the same donor for both our children.

Wife & Mama to a babygirl born 31/10/12
baby boy due 12th August.

Due In August 2014

Its a boy!

In my blogs I attend to not use my daughters name. I refer to her as DKP that is her first and last name initials.But that doesnt mean I don't sometime use it when I want to.



I am almost 39 weeks WITH TWINS! TWINS! How does this even happen!

Count yourself lucky though :) Full term twins. How far along are you exactly?

38 week midwife appointment

I got yet another midwife appointment today, my 38 week check. I will now have a midwife appointment every week till I give birth…great.  I will inform her what my dr told me but I doubt she will change my birthing unit but we’ll see. 

thdandeliongirl replied to your post “Grrr Honestly I dont why some of my followers even follow me with the…”

Who sends you hate mail?!? I have only ever gotten one piece of hate - from an anon (big shock - haha). If you have to go on anon, you probably shouldn’t say what you’re about to. Be nice. We learned it in kindergarten kiddos!

I wish i knew lol, i get it daily.

earlgreyontherocks replied to your post “Grrr Honestly I dont why some of my followers even follow me with the…”

I’m so excited for you to have your baby!! I’ve been following you for over a year, and it’s wonderful to be updated on your progress, and I can’t understand how you get so much hate, please don’t leave tumblr bc of it!!

Thank you, Im not going no where.

mommaebbie replied to your post “Grrr Honestly I dont why some of my followers even follow me with the…”

I don’t get why someone follows you then sends you anon. Turn your anon off ? That why those cowards can’t hide behind a grey face if they have something to say.

yeah I dont get it either and I know its a follower bc I havent mentioned my wife having a C section for a long long time. So its even a long term follower :(  Oh well, I will turn off Anon if I have to.

Pregnancy update

38 Weeks update
Due date? 12th August 2014

How far along?  38 weeks.

Total weight gain: 35 pounds

Maternity clothes? Never bought any, just wore leggins  and bigger tops and dresses and my pjs.

Stretch marks?  Nope

Sleep: My back an hip pain can make it uncomfortable to sleep and move but once im a sleep I sleep okay but I wake up to go toilet at specific times, my body is on a every 3hr schedule lol 

Best moment this week:  None 

Miss Anything?  Playing with my toddler, chasing her around the house, having more energy. Not being so short tempered, karate. Sleeping on my belly and able to roll around in bed without it being so painful. Being able to get up and down without it being painful. Not having to pee every 5 mins. Not having swollen feet and able to walk longer than 5 mins before I need to sit down an rest!

Movement: He is very active little bean, he moves alot and it hurts now also his kicks and punches hurt.  

Food cravings:  None 

Anything making you queasy or sick: No

Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: Daily Braxton Hicks, but still very irregular and not painful at all and im loosing my mucus plug.

Symptoms: Frequent urination, braxton hicks, discharge, hungry 24/7, heartburn, tired all the time. Mood swings, swollen feet.

Belly Button in or out? Out, i was a innie lol

Wedding rings on or off : off since 25 weeks

Happy or Moody most of the time: Both

Looking forward to: Meeting my baby boy and having him in my arms and getting my body back.

earlgreyontherocks thank you, don’t worry im not leaving tumblr. Cant get rid of me that easy lol. If I have to ill turn off anon.

thdandeliongirl idk who sends it, its anon hate, I get it quite a lot I try not to post it though but sometimes I do when it pisses me off enough.

making-baby-tornados I get hate mail alot I dont post them normally but this one pissed me off.

leety1992 I know wtf wrong with that anon. I think their the one who needs to grow up.

Grrr Honestly I dont why some of my followers even follow me with the amount of disrespectful mail I get from some of them.

Anonymous asked
honestly, i kind of hope you have a c-section so youll understand what your wife went through, and quit acting like a spoiled brat about things that arent important, like, i dunno, having pro photos done in the hospital. really. you dont have the money for a belly cast and you want to hire a damn photographer? grow up. i know youre a lot younger than your wife but jeez at this point you should at least know how to pretend to be an adult.

What is your problem? FYI We can aford a belly cast its just not a necessity and as for professional photos being taken we wouldnt hire a photographer we would of gone to a local studio. But again my wife said it’s money we need and not necessity. Were trying to save money so how about you get off your high horse.